Caltrans BMP Pilot Projects

CA Statewide

Lotus Water has led several green infrastructure implementation efforts for Caltrans.  Responsibilities included site selection, BMP design, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling and analysis, environmental permitting, construction services, and monitoring equipment selection.  In the Lake Tahoe Basin, Lotus designed full-scale LID pilot BMPs to meet stringent water quality requirements set by the local planning agency and Caltrans NPDES permit.  BMPs included advanced media filters, which were designed to address nitrogen and phosphorus limits.  BMPs were implemented at eight sites around Lake Tahoe in 2005.

Lotus also led the research and implementation of seven new types of linear BMPs for Caltrans.  The filtration-based LID was designed to meet NPDES permit requirements, while simultaneously conforming BMP footprints to available right-of-way and minimizing maintenance.  The technologies implemented included: bioretention trenches, ecology embankments, and vegetated rock filters.  Full-scale pilot BMPs were constructed in 2008 in Sacramento and Los Angeles.


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