Port of LA – Town Square & Promenade

Los Angeles, CA

Serving as the green infrastructure design consultant and stormwater engineers on the project team led by Populous Design, Lotus Water developed the stormwater management plan for the Promenade and Town Square project sites that prioritizes green infrastructure facilities integrated into the landscape design. The conceptual stormwater management design concepts developed by Lotus strive to provide multi-beneficial and passive landscape-based stormwater facilities to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate environmental stewardship for this iconic waterfront location.

Services includes hydrologic and hydraulic calculations to design, size, and layout stormwater management facilities and related infrastructure.  The proposed project consists of a mix of permeable pavement, traditional bioretention basins/raingardens and bioretention planters crossing perpendicular to the promenade. The bioretention crossings provide an opportunity to showcase green infrastructure along the Promenade while inserting landscape elements within an otherwise concrete promenade.

King County CSO Program