Water Reuse & Conservation

Lotus staff have been developing alternative water resource systems for over a decade, including designing and building some of the first permitted blackwater, graywater, and rainwater reuse systems in the country.

• Rainwater Harvesting Design
• Graywater System Design
• Design-Build Services (Residential-Commercial-Campus)
• District-Scale Water System Planning + Design
• Non-potable Reuse Permitting/Regulatory Compliance
• Water Balance Calculations
• Water System Master Planning
• Water Resource Planning and Management
• Urban Water Management Plans


Staff Experience

SFPUC District-Scale Utility Study, San Francisco, CA   –   525 Golden Gate SFPUC Headquarters,  Blackwater and Rainwater Reuse System, San Francisco, CA   –   District-Scale Stormwater Reuse, Circuit Makati Mixed Use Development – Makati, Philippines   –   Graywater Treatment and Reuse System, Private Residence, Los Altos Hills, CA   –   Rainwater Harvesting System, Noe Valley Private Residence, San Francisco, CA   –   Sonoma Farmhouse Rainwater and Graywater Resuse System, Sonoma CA   –  Graywater Reuse System, Private Retreat Center, Cazedero, CA   –   Scotts Valley Water District Urban Water Management Plan, Scotts Valley, CA   –   Platah Industrial Park, Water Master Plan, Hidalgo, Mexico – Plymouth Water Reuse Study, Plymouth, MA – NASA Water Reuse Feasibility Study, Moffett Field, CA



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